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STOP Plantar Fasciitis With These Simple Steps

Posted on November 27 2019

STOP Plantar Fasciitis With These Simple Steps

Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

Plantar Fasciitis is a real, very common, and seriously painful and hard to treat.

Ways to treat Plantar Fasciitis are:
1. Stretch your foot daily against a wall - put your toes against the wall as high as you can with your heel on the ground and stretch really good.
2. Ice your foot.
3. Get a golf ball or lacrosse ball and roll the bottom of your foot (life hack - freeze the ball in your freezer and do number 2 above at the same time!).
4. Get a VERY high quality ankle/foot sleeve like Gym Needs’ Ankle and Foot sleeves. These provide the compression, support, and comfort needed to not only eliminate Plantar Fasciitis, but also prevent it. Plus, you can wear them all day and night for 24/7 protection!


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